Your 2017 IFN Board

IFN Board

  • Nathan Bectold – President
  • James Wallace Jr. -Secretary
  • Jarrod Moschner – Treasurer
  • Keenan Powell- Evansville Hub Board Rep.
  • Vanessa Ament – Indianapolis Hub Board Rep.
  • Marc Brunch – Terre Haute Hub Board Rep.
  • Gerard Garcia – Board Member (Special Appointee)

IFN is always looking for volunteers to fill committees and help with meetings and events. If you see a committee you or your organization would like to help with contact us.


  • Steering
  • Programing
  • Grants
  • Sponsorship and Funding
  • Communications and Marketing

From all those on the IFN Board, we want to give a  big thank you to all those helping us to make the Indiana Film and Creative community great! Great things are ahead and we look forward to making it happen with you.


Q1 Board Meeting

The first IFN Inc. Board Meeting of 2017 will be on Feb 25th at 2pm. This will be at:
Seasons 52
8650 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240

We look forward to seeing you there and making 2017 a great first year for the new IFN!

Per the by-laws, Quarterly IFN board meetings are open to the public. We do ask that any non-board members who attend please be respectful and quietly observe the meeting until we take public comment. Thank you.


IFN Inc. has filed the application for 501c3 status. Now we wait…Actually we don’t. We keep working to build Indiana’s premiere creative community.

  • We are hard at work lining up compelling speakers and programing for our monthly meetings. All of which are free and open to the public.
  • We are busy fleshing out the final touches on our first round of job readiness programing.
  • We are developing some great workshops.
  • And as always we are working to bring aboard those who have a passion for helping Indiana’s creatives.

Check out the hub and meeting nearest you!

Call for Volunteers

First a BIG THANK YOU to all those that have helped the IFN over the years and to all those that will or will continue to be there for the community in the years to come.

Heading into 2017 we are seeking volunteers to help run the local IFN hubs and to sit on the state board. If you are  interested make sure to brush up on the bylaws and show up for the January Meeting at the hub neatest you.

It is at the January meetings where each hub will be electing their leadership and board representation. Please remember that only paid members in good standing with the IFN in accordance with the bylaws may vote or hold office.

Find the hub nearest you here.

For more ways to help, click here.