IFN Board Meeting – Q1 on 03/03/19

The first quarter meeting took place on 03/03/19 with the IFN state board, Hub Leaders and State Representatives.  Here is a powerpoint of items discussed.  An audio dictation will remain on file, that will be made available.


  • Introduction of all attending IFN board, HUB and State Rep.
  • Evansville discusses about more growth in IFN Evansville, Workshops, etc.
  • Submission of official signing agreement for all board members
  • Discussion on IFN website and making if work better
  • Posting Google drive and access for resource material (for only who have signed agreement)
  • Insuring in cataloging all financial contributions
  • Formal election of State Board: Nathan Bechtold (President), Jarrod Moschner (Treasury) and James Wallace Jr (Secretary). Responsibilities of Secretary being rearranged, including communications. Redefined at a later meeting.
  • Announcement of updated ByLaws
  • Delaying the formation of various committees (Grants, Communication, etc) with the exception for the Steering Committee) til Q3
  • Going over a list in the assurance of all PayPal receipts
  • Issues about creating facebook pages in connection with IFN

IFN Board Meeting – June 24th, 2018

The meeting attendance included:  James Wallace Jr, Nathan Bechtold, Glen Bratt, Terry Shepard, Jose Mendez, Eric Bumpus, Laura Ivins, Rick Lang, Eric Crosby and Andrew Davis.

Discussion included promoting the IFN meeting platform through various programs.  The mention of a Grant writer was brought up with plans in establishing this position.  The Heartland Short Film Festival was covered with the IFN support (part of a running panel).   The board discussed about next year programs which includes a Google Çity, being developed by Jarrod Moschner (Treasury Board Member).  The Indianapolis Hub mentioned establishing speakers from July to years end.  Also, more improvement in better meeting experiences.  Bloomington Hub are brain storming future events.