• Do you have a passion for film?
  • Do you have that spark of creativity?
  • Do you have experience in the world of nonprofits?

Then IFN Inc. is looking for you. We are seeking people eager to help us build up the creative community in Indiana. You can get involved by: attending local meetings, becoming a paid member, volunteering, or joining the board.

Attending a local IFN meeting is simple; look on our hub page and attend the next meeting closest to you.

Becoming a member is easy. Just show up to your local IFN meeting with cash or a check for $20. Your generous gift gets you a year’s membership and helps the IFN keep the lights on while building a thriving community. Your contribution also allows the IFN to expanding our programming and develop new resources for Indiana creatives.

Volunteering is great way to help make a difference in your particular area of interest. As a volunteer you may help with a single meeting or event or lend your expertise to committee. To help out locally, attend a monthly meeting in your area and find out what kind of assistance your local hub needs. To help at a state level, contact us, or attend an upcoming board meeting. Board meetings will be announced here as well as on our Facebook Page.

Joining the Board is a great way for you get involved in steering the organization. We are always looking for great people to bring on board the board. We are especially looking for those with experience in fundraising or grant writing and those with excellent organizational skills. And of course we always looking for passionate individuals who can channel their drive and energy into the organization. Board meetings are held once per quarter. Committee meetings may meet more frequently. Board meetings will be announced here as well as on our Facebook Page.