IFN Board Meeting – Q1 on 03/03/19

The first quarter meeting took place on 03/03/19 with the IFN state board, Hub Leaders and State Representatives.  Here is a powerpoint of items discussed.  An audio dictation will remain on file, that will be made available.


  • Introduction of all attending IFN board, HUB and State Rep.
  • Evansville discusses about more growth in IFN Evansville, Workshops, etc.
  • Submission of official signing agreement for all board members
  • Discussion on IFN website and making if work better
  • Posting Google drive and access for resource material (for only who have signed agreement)
  • Insuring in cataloging all financial contributions
  • Formal election of State Board: Nathan Bechtold (President), Jarrod Moschner (Treasury) and James Wallace Jr (Secretary). Responsibilities of Secretary being rearranged, including communications. Redefined at a later meeting.
  • Announcement of updated ByLaws
  • Delaying the formation of various committees (Grants, Communication, etc) with the exception for the Steering Committee) til Q3
  • Going over a list in the assurance of all PayPal receipts
  • Issues about creating facebook pages in connection with IFN